What's this all about?

You've heard a lot about the Biopsychosocial (BSP) Model of healthcare and how clinicians have been using it to improve clinical outcomes across the healthcare industry. 

  • But how do you actually go about implementing a BSP approach?
    How does it affect patient engagement & retention? 
  • Can it have an affect on clinic revenue? 
  • Attend this webinar for answers to those questions.

We talk about that, the patient relationship cycle, patient-centered processes, and more on this pre-recorded webinar. 

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Course curriculum

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    Recorded Webinar: 07.01.2020

    • Welcome!

    • Slide Deck & Handouts

    • Recorded Webinar: Never Lose Another Patient: Leveraging a Biopsychosocial Approach to Improve Patient Engagement & Retention

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    Post-Attendance Quiz

    • Post-Attendance Quiz

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